Focus on growing your business.

Sell your products directly to Flapmarket.

You sell us your products and we take care of the rest—from promoting and shipping to customer service and returns.

You make it; We buy it; Your business grows.


How to grow your business with Flapmarket.5 Basic steps.

Introduce your products to Flapmarket.

We choose the preferred products from you based on our customer’s interests.

You ship your products in bulk to us. 5 items or more.

After we have received your shipment, customers start enjoying a unique experience with Flapmarket, including fast shipping.

When your products start selling on Flapmarket, we will purchase additional items directly from you. You will be paid within 60 days from the time we receive your products at our warehouse.


After application, you will be contacted by Flapmarket’s team within 24hrs.

Apply now before the offer is closed.

What can I sell to Flapmarket?

We accept African inspired items in the following categories: Fabrics; Clothing; Home/interior decoration; Accessories; Art & Crafts.

Require more information?

Reach out to us directly via our live chat at left down corner on this page.